Website Design
Do you need a website that reflects YOUR business? We work with you to develop a design and style that fits you and your business.

Website Development
There are plenty of companies around that can throw some text up on the net in some inflexible framework, which costs thousands of dollars for even simple modifications. It would be easy for us to follow the trend, but we don't. We develop websites that are dynamic and fit your needs rather than conforming you to an inflexible template.
No more waiting for your development company to respond to a change request. Doing a change to your website is as simple as using a Word Processor.
We utilise technologies such as PHP, XHTML/CSS, JavaScript/AJAX, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Web Hosting
Are you sick of all the hosting packages that make you do the work? You should be running a business, not dealing with website issues.
We only provide custom managed hosting to suit your needs. Want your own server but don't want to manage it? We can run your server for you.
Let us take care of the web hosting so you can get back to running your business.

Graphics & Multimedia
Software Development
Do you require custom software developed?
Do you require a custom modification for an open source application?
We develop custom software for Windows, Linux and Mac using technologies including C/C++/Qt, VB.NET, Java.

Are you starting a new business? Do you need a network installed from the ground up?
We can provide Workstations and Servers to suit your needs.
We specialise in Linux server installations for small businesses.

Do you require network maintenance?
Do you require desktop support?
We can support Windows, Linux and Mac desktops.